Superior Bowen learned from the beginning, that to make it in the highly competitive bid environment of city roads and DOT projects, it requires the utmost operational efficiency. It also became clear that the ability to control the entire paving process, including asphalt formulation, production, and testing, would enable better control of the outcome.

Since those early days, the company has put into place many effective processes to ensure timely, predictable quality results. This demands:

  • Deployment of the right equipment and paving teams
  • Continuous oversight – project time/cost/crew management
  • Value engineering for improved quality & efficiency
  • Accurate weather/conditions decision-making & adjustments
  • Use of technology – GPS tracking/mapping & tablet field computers
  • Project plans to run each job with the necessary precision

Other factors that contribute to effective paving projects is our teams’ pride in what they do from superintendent to laborer. Continuous skills training keeps crews at the top of their craft. This is reflected in our numerous state and national construction awards and in finished pavement that’s beautiful, smooth and long-wearing, even beyond specifications.