The Chemistry of Construction

With company subsidiary, Manchester Pavement Solutions, Superior Bowen has one of the foremost asphalt additive development capabilities in the Midwest region.

Our asphalt specialists and chemists offer high-performance, proprietary chemical additives to customers and partners. Together, we are committed to providing the best custom asphalt additive solutions to increase asphalt paving performance.

This is a list of the valuable services Superior Bowen and Manchester Pavement Solutions provide:

  • R&D to investigate asphalt additives, performance measurements, modifications and specifications
  • Chemical sales of best-in-class, tailored solutions
  • Project consulting services – both on-site and in-office
  • Public education presentations on important industry-related topics
  • Product evaluation & standards assessment for other additive formulators
  • Third-party materials testing when independent, accredited testing is required