Ideals that Drive Us

Superior Bowen exists to build things of lasting value. The results of our hard work will be carried on in the good that’s provided for the customers we serve, our community, and most importantly, our employees and their families. This principle influences everything we do – to leave behind a better place than we found it – by delivering superior quality, not just for the immediate term but for generations to come.

Learn, Innovate & Grow

We believe in the power of ideas, the courage to challenge former ways of doing things, the willingness to change, and the fact that everyone has a voice.

Listen, Really Listen

Listening is a commitment to give value to another’s words and ideas. Listening to hear – not just to respond – creates a teamwork culture that’s empowering.

Have Each Other’s Backs

The feeling that we’re in this together builds a sense of common purpose. We look out for each other, seek out safer practices, and speak out when it’s necessary.

Always Act with Integrity

It requires a high degree of personal pride to give your best, hold yourself to the highest quality standards, and do the right thing – even when no one is watching.

Respect All Relationships

Our goal is to always be a good partner and operate in a manner that reflects well on the company. Our interactions and impressions are part of leaving legacies.