Over the past several years, Superior Bowen has expanded its services within an industry we know well.

We invested in the creation of a unique capability to serve residential and commercial developers with a distinguished team of highly experienced sitework professionals. They understand the critical nature of initial development feasibility decisions and have expertise in pre-construction site evaluations, planning, problem-solving, and groundwork as the underpinnings for more viable, successful development projects.

We also produce and sell our own hot and warm mix asphalt, often using recycled materials, and we formulate and innovate the additives to improve the performance characteristics of our various asphalt mixtures.

A critical element of chemical additive and asphalt production processes is our state-of-the-art test lab for quality control and assurance. We offer testing services to certify the ideal mix for the job at hand and to help other asphalt producers meet, and even exceed, specs.

Of course, Superior Bowen has many years of experience in cold milling, paving, roadwork, and highway construction, which continue to be the backbone or our business.